The fastest drying 

intumescent coating  ever.

Less downtime. Fewer bottlenecks. Faster project completion.

We took the best of the FIRETEX® range one step further and created FX6002 - our fastest drying protective coating, ever.

While other systems may take days to dry, FX6002 can be applied, transported, and installed within a matter of hours, meaning less downtime, fewer bottlenecks and faster project completion.

Speed is just one example of the game-changing impact of FX6002. Whether it’s a commercial, retail, residential or industrial development, your project and steelwork can also benefit from up to 120 minutes of long-lasting, life-saving passive fire protection.

structure on truck

Move it!

From application to transportation, everything is quicker with FX6002. The ultra-fast drying intumescent coating revolutionises the installation process, allowing you to go from blasted steel to a fully protected and ready-to-transport steel section in a single eight hour shift.

person working in lab

A bit of a hard case.

FX6002 is formulated to withstand the toughest challenges. It features exceptional resistance to impact damage which helps to reduce shipping and erection defects by up to 70%. It’s also validated by ISO12944-6 for providing long-lasting protection against weather-related corrosion for up to 20 years.

sun shining through tops of trees

Blue sky thinking

Sustainability is one of our core values. That’s why we’ve developed FX6002 to deliver an extremely low release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The coating decreases the environmental impact of passive fire protection, and is optimised to meet existing and future regulatory requirements.

Design the future now

Payback time

FX6002 minimises downtime and removes bottlenecks to deliver significant time and cost savings for your project. The durable coating provides excellent damage resistance, which decreases risk of costly on-site repairs. The easy-to-apply system boosts productivity enabling you to complete projects faster than ever before.

How much can you save?


Architectural good looks

Although FX6002 was developed as a protective coating, it can also be used to create aesthetically appealing finishes. Architects can make the most of its hard-wearing and robust properties to design and implement creative steel structures.

Award-winning coating

Although we had the future in mind when we developed FX6002, the innovative coating has already caught the attention of industry experts. We are delighted to receive two prestigious awards from PaintSquare press.

2019 PaintSquare award winner - Top Product
2019 PaintSquare award winner - Top Innovation
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Tried. Tested. Trusted

FX6002 continues our tradition of excellence and has been independently tested and certified by EOTA, EN13381-8 & 9, BS476-20 & 21 and AS4100. Customers have trusted our innovative FIRETEX series for a variety of high-profile projects - including the new Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium and the future Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station.

Our FEET are always on hand

From early concept design to optimised coating specifications, our Fire Engineering & Estimation Team (FEET) are available to help you achieve high-performance, reliable passive fire protection.

Our third-party verified FIRETEX Design Estimator (FDE) software developed by the Sherwin-Williams expert team delivers bespoke recommendations for customer projects.

Global supply delivered to your door

Our global footprint enables us to consistently achieve and exceed our customers’ expectations wherever they are located. From customer support to innovative products, Sherwin-Williams is dedicated to protecting and preserving lives with advanced passive fire protection solutions and comprehensive specification expertise.

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