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Solutions for Sustainable Building Design

Sustainable or ‘green’ buildings reduce the impact on the environment and help sustain natural resources thanks to their design and construction practices. The Sherwin-Williams Company is committed to principles of sustainability and offers a range of solutions, including environmentally-friendly protective coatings used for exteriors and interiors, that can help a building achieve green credentials.

Sherwin-Williams coatings for internal walls, floors and ceilings feature low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and are also free of toxic and carcinogenic ingredients. These formulations help contribute to and maintain good air quality for building residents and users. Using proprietary Fire Design Estimator (FDE) software, our Fire Engineering and Estimating Team (FEET) assists customers with structural fire protection calculations for green building projects and designing carbon equivalent weightings in product EPDs.

Key Benefits

  • Innovative products to support LEED and BREEAM projects
  • Range of coatings to ensure good internal air quality
  • Independently verified EPDs
  • Expert team of multi-discipline engineers for fire engineering support
  • Long track record of supporting architects and owners in green building construction

​​​​​​​Life Cycle Assessment and Embodied Carbon– Making the Most Sustainable Choices - RIBA CPD Accredited

Douglas P Mazeffa, our Global Sustainability Director, explains life cycle assessment and environmental product declarations, how they relate to leading green building standards, and how project teams can consider these deliverables when assessing the impact of a project. Topics discussed include embodied carbon, benefits/limitations of environmental footprinting, and the underlying principles utilised by life cycle assessment.

Reducing Carbon - Intumescent Coatings and State of the Art, Sustainable, Durable Fire Protection Solutions - RIBA CPD Accredited

Intumescent coatings are at the forefront of modern fire protection, with ongoing enhancements to the durability and efficiency of these materials lending them to being a key element in sustainable life and fire safety.

In this webinar, our experts Alex Sandilands and Carl Burrell review how intumescent coatings can contribute to the sustainability credentials on a building. They will also introduce the latest revolutionary development of the Fire Design Estimator engineering software, and will explore how this can be used to potentially reduce and fine-tune the carbon equivalence on your next fire protection project.