Ultra 9K™ Waterbased System

When we perfected this water-based system in the lab, we did so specifically to address your need for productivity and efficiency. Imagine – all the speed and application attributes you need – in a waterborne basecoat.

Ultra 9K™ features:

  • A wet-on-wet application process that not only delivers full hiding, but improved cycle times and a premium finish that is almost effortless.
  • Easy mixing with shake-and-pour containers. Shelving is stationary except for the lower unit, which is powered to keep primers and specialty items mixed and ready for use.
  • A streamlined system – only 68 toners including pearls, metallics and other effects. How’s that for compact?
  • World class color tools, including a global color box, online color retrieval system and spectrophotometer. Even more brilliant is our unique Metallic Size Selection fan deck putting us—and you—at the forefront of OEM color styling trends.

All of this from one system—the Ultra 9K™ Waterbased System from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes—combined with the ongoing support of our training and technical teams.

We will make sure you’re up and running with Ultra 9K™ and seeing results in the booth and in your business.

Let us bring Ultra 9K™ to you.

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