Sunfire PRO

This system is for the shop that wants one solution. This system is for the technician whose sole pursuit is the invisible repair. This system is for the hardworking painter whose focus is on hitting color quick and turning as many jobs as he—or she—can every day.

  • Two basecoats allow you to select the best one for the job, along with optional single stage: urethane and acrylic enamel.
  • A solid color system with 33 pigment-rich toners and 20 pearls for effect and luster.
  • Guaranteed, our best selection of primers/sealers and surfacers for quick sanding, superb filling and straight up adhesion.
  • Tough clearcoats, ranging from a Euro high-gloss formula with double UV protection to specialty options for a matte finish.

This solvent system is for the shop that wants it all—including a partner that shares its goals—driving business with high-performance products.

Your system is Sunfire PRO.

Your partner is Sherwin-Williams® Automotive Finishes. 

Contact us so we can have a sales representative walk you through Sunfire PRO and start the conversion process.

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Sunfire PRO Color System Brochure