A global leader in industrial coatings, Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine Coatings delivers smart asset protection, service and specification support to its customers worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand. Whether its durability, aesthetics or engineered linings, we offer a complete line of time-tested, high-performance coatings and systems to combat corrosion, and are supported by a team of experienced sales and technical professionals.

With more than 150 years in business, covering more than 120 countries worldwide, Sherwin-Williams today is the single source of supply for coatings solutions made to your specifications and delivered on time.

Feature Product


FIRETEX® M90/03 Hydrocarbon Fire Protection Epoxy

UL 1709-certified, highly reinforced, 100% solids, epoxy intumescent 

Why FIRETEX M90/03? 
  • UL 1709 certified for up to four hours of protection
  • UL 2431 certified for durability
  • Trowel, single-leg airless or plural PFP application
  • Easy-to-install, deformation-resistant mesh with minimal use required

FIRETEX® FX6002 Ultra Fast-Drying Intumescent Coating

Unique patented technology enables two-hour fire protection system to be applied in a single coat and be ready to handle in as little as one hour.

  • Fire rating solution up to 120 minutes
  • Dries in 1 hour
  • Suitable for up to C5 corrosivity environments
  • Low VOC at 24 g/L
  • Extended durability
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish

Solutions for Your Industry

From best-in-class industry expertise to global project coordination, our rapidly growing international footprint allows us to serve customers wherever their business takes them. Our team at Sherwin-Williams have been working side by side with our customers – understanding their needs, solving their challenges and delivering the best possible products and solutions they need for the job in hand. Our unique market centric approach means our team are laser focused on industry concerns, so that we can provide our customers with the highest level of expertise.


Bridge & Highway

Begin the road to productivity and longevity with coatings that protect, restore and preserve critical infrastructure assets.



We engineered our high-performance coatings to reduce the number of coats required, increase edge retention and improve dry times so you can get the most out of our solutions while controlling costs.


Oil & Gas

Manage energy safely, efficiently and cost effectively with advanced corrosion protection from extraction to distribution.



Our durable protective coatings work overtime to mitigate attacks from highly abrasive dry processes like mineral extraction.


Water & Wastewater

Find durable, fast return-to-service solutions to help protect our most precious resource – water.


FIRETEX® Passive Fire Protection
World-class FIRETEX passive fire protection provides leading-edge fireproofing solutions for essential protection of structural steelwork up to 120 minutes. FIRETEX delivers a visually pleasing finish that allows flexibility and creative exposure of structural steel surfaces in building design. Discover how FIRETEX can help you find the right balance between performance, aesthetics and environmental demands.
Opti-Check™ Optically Active Pigments (OAP) Technology
This technology will revolutionize the way tank assets are managed by delivering tanklining outcomes to the required industry standards whilst enhancing productivity and optimising service life. Opti-Check fluorescent technology significantly extends the service life of tank coatings simply by illuminating insufficient film thickness wherever it occurs through the use of a portable ultraviolet flashlight. Discover how Opti-Check can optimize the service life of your tank assets.


Our team is committed to supporting architects, specifiers, engineers, builders and developers at every project stage, from concept to completion. Regardless of project size and complexity, our team of NACE qualified project managers provide comprehensive coatings specifications and technical advice, tailored to your project needs. Contact us to speak with our specification team about your next project.