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Protect, Seal, Repair and Restore

We offer a complete selection of metal roof coatings, sealant and paint products that all work together by design. Pair that with our depth of industry knowledge and BUILDING SOLUTIONS by Sherwin-Williams will elevate your business to a whole new level.

From Sherwin-Williams

Bring more business your way with brands you know from a name you trust. Our family of products is designed to work together, elevating your performance and profitability in metal roofs.

Protect, Seal and Repair

> Protect your metal roof with high-performance metal coating systems

Get the long-lasting color coating you dream of with Fluropon and WeatherXL. These market leaders are fade-resistant and will not only protect your project but also your reputation.

> Provide powerful waterproofing protection

Join our fight against water damage with high-performance sealant for virtually every application and substrate. It’s available in all metal roof and siding manufacturer colors.

> Repair small scratches and nicks

Get the perfect touchup every time with Ready Match. It repairs small scratches and nicks in factory-applied metal building products. Plus, get custom match, quick turnarounds and a low minimum.

Restore Existing Roofs
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> Restore, protect and provide maintenance

As a trusted leader in roofing, we offer a variety of fluid-applied solutions that meet the demands of every roofscape and climate.

> Repair and seal leaks

As a leader in the roof coatings market, our products are designed to protect a building's roof as well as reduce interior temperature and save energy.

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