Brilliant color. Two coats. No compromise.
Get to know our revolutionary two-coat 70% PVDF metal coating system for coil and extrusion applications. See our range of colors in our Fluropon Continuum color card.

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Discover Fluropon Continuum

Innovation you expect from Sherwin-Williams

You might have heard that we're obsessed with color. But at Sherwin-Williams, we're also obsessed with innovation. That's why we've spent years perfecting our proprietary two-coat, mica-based system.

By using applied science and decades of weathering data, we've taken metalescent coatings to a whole new level. The Fluropon Continuum system is formulated with the optimal combination of raw materials, eliminating the need for a clear coat and offering nearly limitless color options.

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End-uses Include: Metal Wall Panel Systems | Metal Roofing | Curtain Wall | Louvers and Sunshades | Post-Painted Aluminum Panels

Sherwin Williams Color Panels

Performance Guaranteed for Decades

For years, aluminum-based systems helped architects turn their visions into a reality. But the chemists at Sherwin-Williams weren't content with the status quo–so they challenged themselves to unlock the potential of metalescent coating systems.

They turned to our state-of-the-art test fence facility in South Florida, where thousands of panels are subjected to extreme weather conditions like heat, humidity and salty ocean air.

Decades of data led to:

  • Development of a superior metalescent coating
  • A broader color spectrum
  • Brilliance that lasts for years
  • Performance as good, if not better, than aluminum-based systems

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We are so confident in the performance of Fluropon Continuum, we're putting our reputation on the line. It's why we’ve increased the warranty by 5 years for chalk, fade and film integrity.

Fluropon Continuum offers a 25 year warranty for extrusion applications, and 35 years for coil applications.

Your vision, fully realized

Every project has a unique vision. And at Sherwin-Williams, we strive to make sure your ideas are fully realized with the highest quality coatings available. Fluropon Continuum achieves this by going beyond the traditional silvers, golds and champagnes into color spaces not attainable with previous mica-based systems.

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Sherwin Williams Purple Building

Sherwin Williams Purple Building

You'll notice the difference upon first glance—the mica particles both absorb and reflect light, resulting in an eye-catching brilliance that will turn heads for years to come. Plus, because mica flakes are inert, you won't see the flop of the flake effect common with aluminum systems. Mica flakes are not electrostatically charged and therefore don’t follow the direction of the application equipment. This means more consistent coverage on surfaces.

Expand your color spectrum. Choose Fluropon Continuum and see the brilliance two coats can achieve.

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We're obsessed with matching your vision down to the smallest detail. If you can envision it, we can create it. Choose from the 120 colors below to get started or contact us to create your custom match.


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