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Sherwin-Williams Color Express™ Color Visualizer Program for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers 

Introducing a customizable, interactive and engaging visualization solution for kitchen cabinet manufacturers 

The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home;” however, when making changes to it, consumers can easily become overwhelmed with the number of colors, styles and options available. With so many choices, even making the smallest tweak to a kitchen’s appearance can feel daunting.

Sherwin-Williams and Renoworks have partnered to provide a customized visualization solution that allows you to ease the decision-making process for your customers. A fully branded visualizer enhances your website and helps your customers not only see your products on their home or one like it, but also expands their awareness of your full product offering.

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The Color Express™ Color Visualizer gives you the unique ability to provide customers with an enriched experience that delivers peace of mind as they envision what your products could look like in their kitchen or one like it. Customized with your logo, the visualizer serves as an extension of your website, driving your core color strategy with the option to offer the entire spectrum of Sherwin-Williams colors while simultaneously promoting your brand and products.


Through the delivery of comprehensive customer data and analytics, you’ll gain critical insight into your customers and their online purchasing journeys. You can understand the additional time they’re spending on your website engaging with your visualizer, and know the products, colors and combinations they’re attracted to and the projects they’re working on – this can help you make better decisions around your business growth.