Air drying solutions

Maintain body shop productivity during power outages

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In the car refinish industry, quality of the finished paintwork and ease of application go hand in hand with productivity focus. Recently, the increased load shedding outages have had a detrimental effect on body shop efficiency, especially when new paint systems need to be applied and cured. Any delay in this process affects the shop’s throughput, and thus its profitability and customer satisfaction.

Air-drying solutions from Octoral can help. Our products cure at room temperature and are therefore not dependent on power to heat the spray booth.

Choose from a range of Octoral air-drying body fillers, primers and clears.

Our air drying products

PH254 High-Production Non-Sanding Primer

Octoral PH254 High Production Non-Sanding Primer is fast and simple. No need to wait for the primer to dry; just apply the next layer wet-on-wet straightaway. You can even skip the ‘sanding’ step.

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PF141 All Round Universal Surfacer

The FP141 Universal Surfacer can help improve body shop productivity by reducing the process cycle times. Its versatility is just one of many benefits body shops can enjoy. The surfacer offers high film build properties, quick drying, is easy to sand, and can be used on small to large repair work on most common automotive substrates.

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PA35 Ultra Velocity Primer

Using the Octoral UV Active Primer offers substantial body shop savings in time, resources and labour. Waiting for the primer to cure is now a thing of the past thanks to our UV Active Primer which uses ultraviolet technology to cure in just two minutes!

This advanced solution is significantly faster than traditional alternatives. The convenient aerosol packaging allows for quicker application and cleanup, and is perfect for spot or panel repairs.

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C300 Speed Clear

Ultra-fast drying reduces the heating time needed, and increases productivity. Suitable for big and small repairs.

C600 Rapid Performance Clear

Developed to drive body shop efficiency, the C600 has a dry-to-handle time of 60 minutes when air dried. With a one-visit application, it helps increase throughput while saving energy from spray booth utilisation.

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C450 Scratch Resistant Rapid Repair Clear

The C450 is a scratch-resistant clear coat that dries quickly in all conditions, even at room temperature, allowing for work to be completed faster and more efficiently.

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Water-base colour system:
Octobase Eco Plus System

A water-based mixing system with vivid colours that allows you to fine tune quality, achieve colour precision and speed, and handle the application yourself, while delivering increased coverage and efficiencies.

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