Continue body shop productivity
even during power outages

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Our DeBeer portfolio includes a huge range of air-drying body fillers, primers and clears.
Navigating power shortages from load shedding is no easy feat for body shops. That's where DeBeer Refinish steps in with innovative air-drying solutions tailored to keep your operations on track.

Our line-up of air-drying body fillers, primers, and clears not only simplifies your workflow, but also ensures uninterrupted productivity, even in the face of power outages. With DeBeer you can rely on consistent, high-quality results without the need for power-dependent heating.

Experience the DeBeer difference first-hand. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to efficiency with our dependable air-drying products.

Air-drying products

8-746 High-Production Non-Sanding Primer

DeBeer 8-746 High Production Non-Sanding Primer is fast and simple. No need to wait for the primer to dry; just apply the next layer wet-on-wet straightaway. You can even skip the ‘sanding’ step.

8-867 Allround Surfacer

The 8-867 Allround Surfacer is a versatile surfacer designed to optimise body shop efficiencies due to its universal properties. It’s formulated using the latest technology to ensure it can fulfil multiple repair needs in a single solution. The high-performance surfacer can be used for sanding and non-sanding applications to deliver a supreme finish.

1-350 Ultra Velocity Primer

The sooner you can get primer to cure, the shorter the vehicle repair cycle time. The DeBeer 1-350 Ultra Velocity Primer reduces curing times to as little as two minutes thanks to ultraviolet technology. The convenient aerosol packaging makes for quicker application, removing the need for pre-mixing and gun set-up. It also lowers wastage from overmixing or disposal of unused product, helping to increase efficiency and profitability. Experience the DeBeer Difference today.

8-514 Speed Clear

Ultra-fast drying reduces the heating time needed and increases productivity. Suitable for big and small repairs.

8-814 Fast Performance Clear

Formulated using the latest technology, the clear dries in just 10 minutes at 60˚C. The 8-814 delivers a flawless finish on spot repairs to medium-sized jobs – up to 5 panels, in one visit, increasing throughput and overall body shop efficiency. Its fast-drying and flexibility saves time, resources and energy without compromising on performance.

8-114 Scratch Resistant Fast Repair Clear

The 8-114 combines fast-drying, scratch resistance and long-lasting protection in a single product. It delivers increased productivity and top results, a high gloss surface that provides prolonged protection against external influences, such as the weather or car washes.

Water-base colour system:
DeBeer WaterBase 900+ Series

Easy to use and with stock simplified, its innovative approach meets the needs of today’s advanced refinisher. Fully compatible components assure superior quality results with striking natural clarity and exceptional colour precision.
Save time, materials and energy with superb coverage and quick drying. Waste and pollution are countered by clever design and non-aggressive formulations. Trust DeBeer to make higher productivity and profits easy.

Contact your local DeBeer sales representative by filling out the form, and discover how we can enhance your body shop operations and productivity.