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Sayerlack, a brand of The Sherwin-Williams Company, is a leader in the wood industry with coatings that meet the requirements of professional finishers. Since it was established more than 60 years ago in Pianoro, Italy, Sayerlack’s main objective has been to make the best wood coatings using the most advanced technologies. In 1988, Sayerlack was the first on the market to develop water-borne coating technology. 

Sayerlack wood products are reliable, easy to apply and can effectively meet many specific application requirements. Today, such products are cutting-edge in terms of the durability and aesthetic quality of the finishes. The line of specialty coatings for glass, dedicated to the furniture and design sector, provides innovative aesthetic solutions. The range of products for coating plastics and metal guarantees a high quality appearance and strength and durability, satisfying the most diverse user requirements.

Innovative Wood Solutions

Innovation means not placing limits on how you think. It means reaching beyond what we have now, creating solutions that didn’t exist before. Sayerlack stands for “Innovative wood solutions” because innovation is at the heart of all of our products. Our products are effective, safe solutions for treating, finishing and enhancing the appearance of wood, catering to the requirements of the furniture and joinery industry, professionals and DIY enthusiasts. A brand leader on the Italian market, for over 60 years, Sayerlack has gained prominence in Europe and around the world.   Read More...

New things don’t appear by chance: collaborative research

In the R&D laboratory, chemical researchers, analysts and technicians work alongside one another, supported at a global level by the technological know-how supplied by The Sherwin-Williams Company. Organised in work groups, the professionals work in synergy with clients and companies, in close contact with the world’s leading manufacturers of wooden products and application systems, to guarantee top level performance. Dialogue with the market, experience and passion, these are all combined to produce Sayerlack products.  Learn more about the use of our products in the field.

Caring about the environment and respecting people

Our philosophy is based on principles of attention paid to those who make coatings for wood, to those who come into contact with coatings at work or at home, to the users of the finished products. The brand focuses on respecting people and on its environmental responsibility, developing technologies and coatings, which reduce the impact on health and the environment.

Certifications: a level of quality that makes us unique

The prestigious product certifications obtained from the most accredited international certification bodies are the Sayerlack quality mirror.

Full service solutions

Sayerlack clients can count on a customised service during the entire journey. The Technical Service offers customised, on the spot answers thanks to a multi-lingual call center which, staffed by specialised technicians, can identify the best solutions for a variety of needs. The technical advice service provides long-term support for the duration of the production process. The colour advice service meets all requirements for the selection and reproduction of colours. Our experienced colour experts, the tintometric systems and the computerised spectrophotometric reading system assist and guide the formulation of colours for paints and stains. The Environmental advice service helps clients to interpret regulations concerning emissions and provides answers  to a number of related questions. The Sayerlack Academy promotes teaching and the spread of knowledge about product lines and systems, working alongside and supporting clients at all stages of the production process.

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