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The newly updated National Rule system for Prospray Finishes® enables users to continue to create outstanding basecoat color, but with a smaller number of toners on the bank—improving both inventory and investment for the shop.

More compact and yes, cost effective, the updated National Rule system features 74 toners with the option of streamlining the bank further with 62 (removing limited-use special effect toners).
Flexibility. Versatility. With this system, shops can build a bank that meets their refinish needs.
A new color retrieval software platform – Color Focus 2.0 – comes with the updated Prospray Finishes National Rule system delivering improved usability and navigation of the color library and formulas, and better overall color match results.

Color Focus 2.0, along with the below global color tools, will help you get the right color for the job.

  • Color Focus 2.0 Color Retrieval Software (CRS): Delivering improved usability and navigation of the color library and formulas, as well as improved color match results.
  • A 5 Angle Spectrophotometer: Offering connectivity to Color Focus 2.0 for improved efficiency in the color match process.
  • Valspar Automotive Color Information Maps (2 Books): View sprayouts for Solid Colors and Basecoat Colors to identify and match colors fast.
  • Valspar Automotive Global Color Box: Access to 8,000+ color samples (arranged by car manufacturer).