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Nova-Plate® 360 - The Next Generation of Tank Lining Technology

Minimize asset downtime, protect valuable equipment from aggressive chemicals and save time during the inspection process with the next generation in tank lining technology - Nova-Plate 360 tank lining. An easy-to-use, API-compliant, flake-reinforced, PTFE-filled, novolac-based tank lining, Nova-Plate 360 helps to save time and money along with unparalleled protection to the interior of steel tanks and vessels.

Key Benefits:

  • As fast as 24-hour return to service
  • Easy application with single-leg or plural application spraying capabilities
  • Wide range of chemical resistance including methanol, high-temperature crude and produced water
  • High performance in abrasive environments through PTFE enhancement
  • Low surface energy lining offering superior cleaning properties in shutdown
  • Optically Activated Pigment (OAP) application to streamline inspections (optional)
Product Documents: 

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