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Matrix Edge™ is built like the original Matrix mix bank—with hardworking paint and products that don’t break the bank. It’s rich in color capabilities including color retrieval software, a 5-angle spectro, color books and more! It’s a complete system with quality primers, reducers, activators and hardeners, and of course, phenomenal clearcoats.

With Matrix Edge, we got back to our roots and recreated what we’re known for– a tough bank.

We’re giving you:

  • A condensed toner offering for color positioning, stability and consistency.
  • Our best selection of primers and sealers for superior filing, sanding and adhesion.
  • Including premium and mid-tier basecoats, and premium single stage urethane and single stage acrylic enamel.
  • The same clearcoats that you know and trust; formulas for everything from AG-40 Autoglas®, Euro Design Clearcoat to MS-52 Universal and Clearcoat and MSV-25 Low VOC Quick Cure Clearcoat are original.
  • FX Series including 12 candy dyes.


Introducing Matrix Edge:

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