CarClad Macropoxy® HS 4200 Epoxy

CarClad Macropoxy HS 4200 Epoxy –

Extended Weathering Epoxy To Keep Railcars On Track

Reduce maintenance costs, enhance perceived railcar value and maximize the lifetime value of your assets with CarClad Macropoxy HS 4200 Epoxy. This direct-to-metal high-solids epoxy chalks black, extending the maintenance cycle of your railcars.

Highlights Include:

  • Retains its black color when exposed to UV rays and will not chalk gray, which enhances the appearance and perceived value of railcars
  • Extends the maintenance interval for railcars
  • Hangs at the proper film builds (4-6 DFT) but has the ability to hang additional wet mils when overlapping coats are necessary
  • Accommodates both single-leg and plural-component sprayers; may also be applied with a brush or roller
  • Dry to stencil in 4 hours

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